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Stories and Reports of the Vamiric Council

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     My pen pal in America and I have founded a journal together! I'm REALLY REALLY HAPPY! The journal is at landofbones and I hope you'll take the time to read it, or at least friend it. bloodymoon14 and I ARE sharing that journal. Umm... the FAQ is on the first page of the journal. The page after that is the intro, or the welcome into the Land of Bones.
     I'll find the link, and put it on here, that way, it'll make your lives easier. Yes, Grell is still the nicest woman ever! ^w^ Damn Sebastian, denying how beautiful I am! THE NERVE OF HIM! Calling me a man! I shall cut your arm off again, good Sir!
     I need a life. -_-" Someone told me that yesterday. I didn't even know this person! I have no clue why! Though, yesterday, I was in my full Grell cosplay. But they didn't have to be such a bitch about it. I can wear what I want to wear. If they don't like it, they can just go suck William's red-speedo covered cock! (S'il vous plaît, pardonnez mon sale en anglais! It's been a sucky week so far!)

     Je vous jure,
cette personne doit être peinte en rouge. Je vais le faire moi-même, si je dois. Me disant d'avoir une vie? Le nerf de ce salaud! Il est celui qui a besoin d'une vie! L'intimidation des gens et à la traîne par dépit?! Comment pouvez-vous obtenir stupides! J'ai quelque chose à prendre ma tronçonneuse pour son âne, ni même son bâton!
     Je suis désolé! I'm sorry! I will do this in school. I'll burst into a French fit! I did this over a chat with my pen pal. She looked at me like, "Huh?! I-I'm sorry! D-did I do something wrong?!" She's a naturaly shy girl. But, she's nice, and easy to get along with, so long as you don't say something stupid. if you do, Sainte Mère de Dieu! She'll give you a swift kick to the face with her steel toes! This is why I love Americans. They may seem weak, but when called weak, they turn out to be better than those who pick fights with other countries! 
* * *
When I said I was epic and and tripped on the stairs was when I was most embarassed. I broke my ankle. And my pinkie. And 7 of my toes.

* * *
That would have been when we ran out of tea-cakes.
Grell! I don't think that's what the topic meant.
Oh... then... It would be either Lady Pandora on her evil time of the month, or you, William, when you striped down to a red speedo, and you labeled yourself as "Super William."
Umm...? Fail...?
That never happened, Sutcliff. And what's so scary about Pandora on her period?
*shakes head* You Have NO idea. *shutters*

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1:04, Basseh, Time to get up!
Grell.... I thought I told you to stay in the closet.
I destroyed the closet.
*sigh* Not again, Grell.
And If Lady Pandora was in the closet with you?
I would glomp her!
You most Certainly would not! You must leave Lady Pandora alone.
Why's that?
She's clearly mine. She belongs to me.
*raises an eye brow* What exactly are you going to do, Sebastian?
I meant her soul, William. What did you think I meant?
*cleans glasses* I'm not sure what you meant, Demon.
It's best that you don't know. *walks away* Lady Pandora, time for your bath.
*steps on him*

* * *

My name is Riley Porter. My favorite character to cosplay as, as you can see in my pic, is Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler. I also cosplay as Renji with boobs, Miku, Ciel, and Madam Red. I am 16, and right now, I'm watching my Great Dane run in fear of my Poodle, who is lovingly named Starlove. It's supposed to sound lik "Starla," But mum is weird. Our Dane is named Xigbar, because he's half blind and he's black and white. He also has scars in the same places as Xiggy. This is from the neighborhood cat.
If you would like to confirm my humanity, ask my pen pal. She's on here, and her and I are already the best of friends. She goes by Pandora, I believe, or Roslyn. (I also play as Pandora's spazzy, gay uncle.) Her b-day and mine are the same day, oddly enough.
What was I saying?
I swear, Grell, you're so weak minded. You take over this woman's mind and body, and You've forgotten what you were saying before you started telling all of Britan about her? Disgraceful.
*asleep with a little nose bubble*
Any who, Panda-rama is on Live Journal.
*steps on him* Again with confusing people, I presume, Grell?
*slams foot down*
*clears throat* You can find Ms. Pandora and friend her with her journal, bloodymoon14. It's a pleasure to do buisness with you all.
*nose bubble pops* It's not a buisness, William. Don't treat it as such.
*gives me an evil look*
OK! OK! ALRIGHT, OOOKK!! Rafiki's had enough of the glare, Damn you!

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Actually, I wouldn't ask for anything. She's already like the mother of all of us. She's given us so much, It would be horrid to ask more of her. Though... If it came down to it, I suppose it would be to show the President of the US how to run a country. From what my pen-pal's been telling me,  the country needs help out of an economic jam. No, I am not being racist, like most of you people in the US think us English are. Well, most of us, that is. There are some that I'm not so sure about.
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Name: Nelo Kern Lucine Braendis
Age Blooded: 16 years
Husband: Satan Zonde
True Age: 299 centuries old
Children: Shame, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Rage
Favorite out of children: Shame
Reason: He was so sweet. His father said he was a disgrace to the clan. I thought he was perfect the way he was. I still do, now that I see he's grown into a fine young man. He's even a knight himself now. I'm so proud of him! The truth is... Satan never wanted 8 children. He only wanted 7 and 1 to serve them. He wanted to kill Shame. He was never proud of him, always calling him a failure. This is why his name is Shame. His excuse was "With every Sin, Shame follows, and serves like the devil's hound." He's even blooded a girl. She's very pretty. He is her knight. She's the Grandaughter of Lord Alucard. I can tell by the way Shame looks at her: he's in love. He would be happy to serve such a maiden.
Country: Britan

Rank: Head Knight of the British Vampiric Council
Title: Dance of the Castiron Hounds
Race: Vampire & Sorceress
Favorite Quote: "You're the one who's afraid. You stand behind your army because you can't stand alone."
Favorite Song: Rise by Origa
Favorite Line from Song: "Save your tears for the day. Save them for your judgement day. Fast and free. Follow Me. We are soldiers, stand or die. We rise or fall."
My Dreams: For my son to become the greatest and prove his father wrong to crucify him as a disgrace before he was even born. I want him to protect his princess the best he can, without worrying about being executed for losing her. I want him to continue to get stronger and more handsom with each passing day. I hope that he will one day rule as Vampire King with his student by his side. I hope that he will give me a beautiful grandchild, one who will have Shame's looks as well as Yumi's. That's my dream and hopes for him.

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